This is an engineered wood product made by breaking down of hardwood or soft wood residuals into wood fibres, and reconstituted with a resin binder which is carried out at elevated temperature and pressure. Further, the boards are sanded to obtain a uniform and precise thickness to get the best quality. This product is available to you in various colours like green, pink, brown and grey with an average density of 700 – 75 kGS/mg. It’s perfect for furniture, door, decoration, packaging, interior designing work etc.

Applications     : interior works, cupboard works, bedroom sets

Thickness          : 2.5 MM, 4.5 MM, 7.5 MM, 10.5 MM, 16.5 MM

Sizes                   : 2.44 * 1.22 (8*4)

  • Interior MDF board 

It has a smooth surface and is simple to place in any direction since it is free of knots and internal layers. Hence it is mostly used for furniture’s like computer table, cupboards and interior designing work. MDF is easy to make grooves or moulding because of its property.

Applications    : interior works, cupboards, bedroom sets

Thickness         : 2.5 MM, 4.5 MM, 7.5 MM, 10.5 MM, 16.5 MM

Size                   : 8×4

  • Exterior HMR MDF Board

They have a consistent thickness and a consistent structure. Moisture (MR), termite, borer, and fungal resistance are the features of this board. They are eco-friendly, less emission of formaldehyde and has a moisture resistant capacity than MDF. This exterior board is available in green and pink colour. 

Applications   : interior designing, bedroom sets, cupboard works

Thickness        : 4.5 MM, 7.5 MM, 10.5 MM, 16.5 MM 

Size                   : 8×4

  • Exterior HMR HDF Board

HMR/HDF board can be cut, drilled, painted, or processed in various ways due to its flatness and great treatment options. HMR/HDF board is mostly utilized in the construction of furniture such as kitchen cabinet doors, tables, and workstations as it is a high moisture resistant, have high density and available in grey and green colour. 

Applications     : cupboard sets, bedroom works, interior works

Thickness          : 18 MM

Size                    : 8×4

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