Pre-lam board is a Plywood/MDF/HDF/HMR/particle board laminated on both surfaces by synthetic resin &impregnated base papers having uniform absorption properties under the influence of heat and pressure.As a result, it’s often utilized in partitions, panels, fake ceilings, cabinet shutters, and panel door inserts, among other things. Apart from all these it’s 120 shades are available in solid, flowery, Suede and matt finish & wood grain. This is a wonderful alternative for plywood and chipboard because of the distinct surface texture. 

Applications  :  Home Interior, Bedroom Sets, Cupboards


  • Laminated ply wood 

We provide, laminated plywood made up of calibrated Eucalyptus, and mixed hardwood with engineered face used for laminating. This specific type is a factory production hence excluding the need for additional painting. You have more than 120 shades to pick from, available in Suede and matt finish. 

Applications   : Interior works, Bedroom sets, Cupboard works

Size                  : 2.44 * 1.22 (8*4)

Thickness        : 6MM, 8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 18MM


  • Laminated MDF Board

MDF is a denser material than plywood and an interior grade product. It is made up of isolated fibres of medium density and may be used as a construction material and the baseboard of lamination purpose in the same way as plywood is used. It is substantially denser and stronger than particle board. This kind of plywood is available in 120+ shades in suede and matt finish.

Applications : Interior home designing, cupboards sets, bedroom sets

Thickness      : 4.5MM, 7.5MM, 10.5MM, 16.5MM

Size                : 8×4


  • Laminated HMR board

HMR stands for ‘high moisture resistance and is an exterior grade.This high moisture resistant board is used as base board for lamination. It will be durable than MDF laminated boards. More than 120 shades available with suede and matt finish. 

Applications     : Interior furnishing, bedroom sets, Cupboard works

Thickness          : 4.5MM, 7.5MM, 10.5MM, 16.5MM

Size                    : 8×4


  • Laminated HDF board

This is a form of engineered wood product with high density exterior gradefibreboard (HDF) which has a long durability feature than MDF laminated boards. This board is available in more than 120 shades in Suede and matt finish. 

Applications            : Home Interior Works, Bedroom sets, Cupboard works

Thickness                 : 4.5MM, 7.5MM, 10.5MM, 16.5MM

Size                           : 8×4


  • Laminated HD HMR board

These boards are mostly utilized in places where moisture and mold-resistant wooden boards are required, such as kitchen shutters. Base board is high density high moisture resistant exterior grade fibre board which is durable than MDF laminated boards.This board is available in more than 120 shades in suede and matt finish. 

Applications    : Cupboard works, bedroom sets, Home Interior works.

Thickness         : 18MM

Size                   : 8×4


  • Laminated Particle board

This laminated particle board is mostly used for computer tables, workstations and in furniture. It is available in more than 120 shades in suede and matt finish.

Applications  : Interior works, bedroom sets, cupboard works

Thickness       : 8MM, 17MM

Size                  : 8×4

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