Plywood stack


Plywood are made up from the high quality natural wood. Amal Plywood is one amongst the leading Plywood Dealers and manufactures in Kochi. We take delight for serving our customers in the elegant possible way. We’re the known for supplying the variant classes of plywood(Plywood, Pre-Lam Board, HD Premium Shutter Board, Rub Wood, MDF,/HMR/HDF etc) with top quality. We suppliessuper-resistant plywood which don’t get erode in any rainfall. There are other variety of plywood pieces which gets used in the timber of cabinetwork, aircrafts, boats,etc.

Our company supply the plywood of variant sizes and in different range and are good at fulfilling the bulk of order in the given time period. We also serve our client at critical base. Our platoon works in the effective way to give the quick service to our guests. We’re Leading Plywood Dealers in Kochi.


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